What are the reasons for getting involved in the topic of care and what drives us?

The need for care can arise in very different life situations and can potentially affect any of us. For example, through an accident, caring for parents or personally in old age. The issue concerns us all. As a society, we are dependent on high-quality care being guaranteed when needed. The demand is huge and we feel the need for changes that will advance the care sector. We have successfully organised ALTENPFLEGE as an implementation company since 1990 and are now using this experience to develop our own format with which we want to draw even more attention to the care sector and close recognisable gaps.

What do you mean by your own format?

We want to move away from the classic trade fair format towards a modern format with information, inspiration and networking covering the entire care universe. We want to value care and carers. Our focus is on carers as people. There will be workshops and lectures, we are working on an accompanying conference programme and creating a wide range of opportunities for personal exchange.

What sets us apart from existing trade fairs and why should companies include another event in their annual planning?

Our approach is: care is not just care for the elderly. Care is a big picture and also includes the care of younger people, whether they are ill or disabled. It is also clear that good care is only possible if the appropriate expertise, the right equipment and passion are available. At Pro Care, all of these aspects will be addressed across all sectors. From young care to nursing care and care for the elderly, there are many areas with the same challenges and needs.

And we want to be constructive. We don't just want to list problems, we want to offer a platform that enables practical solutions for innovative and sustainable care.